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Come parade in San Francisco Carnaval Parade 2014 with Carnaval Giba Goncalves and Batala San Francisco, and leave your heart in San Francisco!


Batalá San Francisco is a samba reggae performance group founded on October 5, 2012. Led by Brazilian percussionist and musical director Abel Damasceno and Cuban musician and assistant musical director Sonia Pina, Batala San Francisco is the Bay Area contingent of Batala, the international drumming organization founded by Giba Goncalves in 1997. 

Joining Batalá San Francisco is open to all regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or musical experience. If you are interested in joining Batala San Francisco, please refer to the Membership guidelines and contact our Membership Coordinator Shannon Erby

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Please contact our Booking Coordinator, Jessica Jones, at

Download a Batalá San Francisco brochure here.

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